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Coffee reading with Marta

Posted Jun 20 2011 9:46pm

In this week’s roundup of health and fitness magazines, we look at bad shoes, a Real Housewife’s delicious dessert and some mental tricks that help top athletes.

Health (June 2011)

  • What time of the day are you tempted to abandon your effort to eat healthy? A new study shows that 3:23pm is the time where dieters are most likely to abandon having a clean diet. So be prepared by eating a healthy snack such as almonds, fruit or yogurt.
  • Vanilla Frozen yogurt pops from Bethenny Frankel: In a medium bowl whisk together nonfat plain Greek yogurt (2 cups) and raw sugar (1/3 cup) until well blended; divide among 6 (3-ounce) waxed-paper cups, and freeze for an hour. Insert a wooden stick into each cup, and freeze for 2 more hours. Crush 18 reduced-fat vanilla wafers or ½ cup graham crackers crumbs in a food processor until fine. Remove yogurt pops from cups, and roll cookie crumbs. Place each in a new cup; freeze until ready to eat (at least an hour).




Whole Living (June 2011)

What types of shoes are worst for your feet?

  • Flats and flip flops: Looks for ones with some arch support and cushioning. Risks: plantar fasciitis or tendonitis.
  • Heels: Two inches or lower (ouch!). Alternate them. Risks: ankle sprains, pain on the ball of the foot or hammer toe (the narrow ones especially).
  • Wedges: Better overall! They provide a healthier balance between the heel and the ball of the foot
  • Negative heels (toning sneakers): Regularly wearing heels that drops lower than the rest of the shoes can aggravate or instigate Achilles tendinitis.

Natural Solutions (March 2011)

Have you suffered from kidney stones? Limit the intake of nuts, coffee, tea, chocolates and berries, which are high in oxalate (most common type of kidney stones are calcium oxalate stones) and increase the intake of calcium such as milk and yogurt, which helps to bind oxalate in the digestive track so it doesn’t make it to the urine. Likewise, limit sodium and supplements containing vitamin C and D. Drink plenty of water!

Do you know what your pet eats? Check the labels! Quality pet food should have real meat, whole grains such as brown rice and barley, veggies and fruits. Avoid poultry by product meal, artificial color and chemical preservatives (like BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin), corn, wheat and soy to avoid allergy reactions.

Experience Life (June 2011)

Jalapenos are hot! The cause of chili pepper’s heat is the phytochemical capsaicin, which has been shown to reduce inflammatory conditions such as joint pain, cholesterol and even to accelerate the metabolism. But with so many types, what are the differences?

  • Serrano: bright and crisp taste. Better to eat raw
  • Jalapeno: perfect for adding heat to most dishes such as salsas, sauces and salads. Grill them whole to serve with barbecue, fajitas and grilled chicken.
  • Banana: often served pickled

Avoid them if you have gastro-esophageal reflux disorder or irritable bowel syndrome

When eating to maintain healthy bones, make sure to add potatoes, soy foods, nuts and beans for magnesium; lettuce, spinach cabbage and broccoli for vitamin K; carrots, cantaloupe and apricots for Vitamin 6. As you notice, there’s more than vitamin D and calcium to keep a solid frame

How do athletes achieve their goals? The power of engagement

a)    Keep your eye on the finish line

b)    Follow nature’s rhythms. Athletes have learned they have to listen to their body and alternate periods of maximizing performance with rest.

c)    Don’t neglect rest cycles.

d)    Reduce stress by planning ahead.

e)    Will and discipline will drain your energy. Focus more on rituals.

f)     Being energized means being tapped into something greater than you: a goal, a sense of purpose, a set of values.


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