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Coffee Reading With Marta: Men’s Health does it again with “The Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts”

Posted Nov 09 2011 9:27pm

Since I was 18, I’ve been lifting weights. I don’t even remember more than five days passing without hitting the weights. I’m 36.

Likewise, I don’t remember a day that I didn’t have a magazine, newspaper or book on my nightstand table. I especially remember the bodybuilding magazine Muscle & Fitness, one of the few magazines of this type that we had in Venezuela during my teens. I didn’t understand a word, but I was amazed by the anatomy and strength of these athletes, even though this was not the preferred choice for my father to have his daughter reading.

This may explain why fitness, health and eating clean became my way of living and my career.

15 min. that truly work

I’ve seen, read and studied tons of weight training systems, programs, exercises, moves… you name it. A lot are marketing gimmicks or just something repackaged as “new” to sell more products.

This is where consumers can enter into a dangerous zone where they are doing exercises that aren’t based in science-backed fundamentals. So let’s recognize the health and fitness brands that honor the field by teaching exercise programs that are truly doable, achievable, well researched, excellently explained with no gimmicks. You’ll see results, but you need to break a sweat.

Men’s Health and its sister brand Women’s Health have recently come out with their Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts. I consider Men’s Health one of the best health and fitness media brands that have truly made a difference in the way Americans approach their diet and exercise regimens.

I reviewed the Men’s version. I still think that women’s fitness media is clouded by a “girly halo” that has made us feeling less empowered to experiment the amazing psychological and physiological benefits of really lifting weights.

In a word: Excellent! This book goes straight to the point with easy-to-follow, tough-enough fast track routines.  No fancy equipment needed more than a physioball, bench, resistance bands, dumbbells and barbells.

There are 15-minute workouts to shred fat, gain muscle, increase flexibility, and improve in sports such as tennis, running, cycling and even to enhance your performance in bed.

Some of the exercise and routines that I found outstanding are:

a)    You’re melting: workout A. 10 reps, super-set, repeat two times each super-set.

  1. Barbell Rollout
  2. Crossover dumbbell step-up and elevated-feet inverted row
  3. Barbell Front Squat and push-up

b)    To strengthen your forearms which sometimes are the reason that you can’t hold the weight that you want when doing dumbbells rows, dead-lifts, etc. Do a Towel Row by simply securing a towel around a dumbell’s handle. Grab an end of the towel with each hand and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent.  Pull the towel ends to either side of your abdomen. Pause, lower the towel and repeat.

15 minutes is all it may take to avoid the average two-pound holiday weight increase, do your homework now and avoid the usual unfulfilled goal of losing weight next year.

And if it worries you to do exercises for “men,” let’s make this clear: In strength and conditioning, there’s really no female and male exercise types and it’s easier for a women to do a men’s workout with your significant other. If you are forced to make one choice get the Men’s Health Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts.

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