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Coconut oil pulling: 2 years later.

Posted Mar 10 2014 4:00am

rsz screen shot 2014 03 08 at 45008 am Coconut oil pulling: 2 years later.


Time FLIES when you’re gagging over a clumpy bit of oily goodness in your mouth having fun, huh?

It’s been TWO YEARS since I launched my love affair with oil pulling and, if you’re just joining us, here’s a bit of the why & the how ( the longer bit can be found here ).

I’m a misfit. 

I’m either an early adopter or I’m so late to the soiree most people have headed home.

With coconut oil I was the latter.

My elbows were dry, we’d struggled with the lice of the head, I knew it rocked for cooking and coffee—-yet I’d do the same OILYdance over and over:

purchase. unopened expire. repeat.

All to the dismay of myself and my wallet.

I wasn’t motivated enough to crack open the container—even with my raging head lice fears—until I stumbled upon the notion of oil pulling.

Oil swishing.

Of spooning a lump of oil into my coconut-hole, swirling in my mouth for a goal of 20 minutes, and releasing into the toilet when through.

I was disgusted.

I was grossed out ( I don’t do mayo. This reminded me of mayo ).

I read the many health benefits.

I was in.

Here’s the oil pulling short version:

  • Oil pulling is swishing oil in mouth to rid body of toxins.  The goal is to swish for 20 minutes.
  • Toxins are released due to the stimulating effect swishing has on body’s “eliminatory system.”
  • Oil pulling purportedly heals individual cells & cell conglomerates (lymph nodes/internal organs).

rsz 1655989 10152633205749466 1492526745 n Coconut oil pulling: 2 years later.

Now we both use coconut oil!

Quite frankly my first experience—captured on video by the soundtrack providing six year old—led me to believe I’d never try again:

Two years later, however, I’m still coconut oil pulling and here’s why:

  • I turned my oil yellow! Id say I’m crazy, but this whole venture is whackadoodle. The first few times I pulled I neither lasted long enough (hardcore folks go TWENTY MINUTES ) nor was my oil yellow upon “release” into toilet.  Yellow supposedly indicates all toxins have been pulled (spit! spit! never swallow!).  Once I hit the yellow—I was committed.
  • I’m motivated by potential for long-term gum health/Alzheimers prevention. As with weight-loss and skinny jeans Id have quit long ago if this were solely for whiter teeth.  I don’t have great oral or Alzheimer genetics. My gun is loaded .   I’ll try anything.
  • My teeth are whiter? Yes, that IS phrased as a question. Quite frankly, I can’t tell. All I know is the Tornado has ceased asking me: Mama, will my teeth turn yellow when I’m old?! so there’s that.
  • The Tornado knows I find it icky . Each time she sees me pull she *still* sings her theme song. Each time I pull she *still* interrogates me. Was that gross? (yes) Did you want to spit it right out? (yes) Ew. I dont like coconut. Do you? (no) Im never doing that! Why do you do it? (insert same rambles as last time). I think it’s GREAT for her to see me doing something I don’t love in the name of long-term health.
  • It rocks for canines, too! OK this isn’t so much the pulling (wouldn’t that be a trick!), but the fact coconut oil is great for Charming as well. From preventing Giardia to freshening his dog-breath our new family member has leaped on the oily wagon as well.

rsz 1779829 10152586222519466 2054085997 n Coconut oil pulling: 2 years later.

(note the joy on his face.)

 And now I look to you.

  • If you are one of the many who joined me in pulling two years ago—are you still? why or why not?

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