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Climbing the Ladder for Fat Loss

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:41pm

Most people who are training are familiar with circuit training and interval training for weight loss but very few trainees have ever heard of ladders. Ladders are a really simple and extremely effective method to burn a ton of fat and improve on an exercise. To get started burning fat with ladders, first pick and exercise, let's say the body weight squat for example. Next, pick an amount of reps you can do easily, maybe 1 or maybe 10 depending on your fitness level. Now, here is the trick:

  • start at your chosen rep amount and do them, say 5 to start

  • rest for as little as needed to catch your breath, now do 6 reps

  • rest, then 7

  • rest, then 8

  • keep going up until you can increase the reps no longer

  • now reduce them by 0ne each set until you get back to your starting reps, 5 in this case

This may sound really simple but trust me, the amount of work you will do is astounding, and if you chose the exercise well I guarantee it will get you burning fat. To increase the difficulty, chose two or more exercise to climb the ladder with. This time let's do lunges and push-ups:

  • 5 reps of lunges, then 5 reps of push-ups,

  • catch your breath and do 6 reps of each

  • then 7

  • then 8

  • again keep going up until you have to start descending the ladder in one rep increments

The density and amount of reps you end up doing with two exercises will get you sweating and gasping for air like no tomorrow. If you do these properly I promise you the fat will start melting off your body! as you progress, increase the amount of exercise to do in the ladder circuit or the amount of total reps you complete. Also, keep the body guessing with different exercises and training paces, remember variety and intensity are the key to burning fat with exercise!

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