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Climb your way to Good Health

Posted by Jeff W.

If just going to the weight room is getting a bit tiresome and you're looking for something to spice up your workout - get climbing. If you?ve got a facility with a rock climbing wall in your neck of the woods, then I strongly suggest you give this incredible workout a try. You?ll be hard pressed to find a better way to build strength in you hands, arms and back than by climbing, not to mention the huge adrenalin rush of scaling a fifty foot wall with nothing but your hands and feet. This isn?t something you?ll want to do on your own, out in the wilderness on a natural wall, but a facility with a wall will have a qualified professional on hand to give you tips and answer your questions, and they?ll have all the equipment needed to keep you safe while you get your workout.
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I recently got into climbing and love it! It really is a great arm and back workout. The great part about it is you don't even feel like you are working out (this is great for people like me who can't stand going to the gym).
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