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Climb Forever

Posted Nov 26 2008 11:17am
While the Treadwall from Brewer's Ledge is no Lil’ Minx, it is one of the coolest pieces of equipment I’ve stumbled upon lately. The Treadwall lets you rock climb where no rocks be found, like at the gym or in the backyard—you know, in case you don’t live by any insanely craggy rocks. Just like infinity swimming pools let you swim against the current until you’re exhausted, the Treadwall is a rotating wall that lets you safely rock climb until you can hold on no more.

Available in a number of styles—free standing or wall mounted, with adjustable or fixed angle—it’s also available in different sizes to suit the user’s needs. The wall uses gravity and hydraulic controls to rotate, and there is an automatic stop sensor and speed control so climbers can pause on the wall when needed and adjust the rate that the wall moves. Users can adjust the angle of the wall depending on the challenge needed, from a gentle beginner-friendly slope to a muscle-burning overhang. The holds can be moved, changed and re-oriented at any time so you’re not climbing the same fake mountain all the time.

No ropes or harnesses are needed because there is nowhere for clumsies like me to fall. You stay at a height of about two feet, so young’uns and old'uns alike can feel comfortable using the equipment. Also beneficial if you’re terrified of heights.

The Treadwall workout is both cardiovascular and an awesome strength workout for little-used muscles. Check out the image to the right if you need convincing. Stretching to reach far-away hand holds increases flexibility, and climbing increases back, arm and finger strength. Rock climbing is also said to help endurance, as well as confidence, focus and problem solving. I need to hunt one of these walls down, or at the very least, sign up for a climbing class. —Erin

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