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Clean the House!

Posted by C.L. R.

I am telling you, one of the best workouts I have discovered is cleaning the house. I know, I know, but I HATE cleaning with a capital H ... but I recently discovered that part of the reason I hated it was all the work that was involved - lugging around the bathroom, scrubbing and scrubbing the floors and the tub... but I just realized, if you turn it into a workout, it's not so bad.

Remember Karate Kid? Do like Mr. Miyagi and wax on wax off. Set a certain number of repitions for yourself as you hand wash the floor. Carry those buckets of dirty water outdoors to toss them (or okay, environment and soap - down the toilet I guess). But most important, lift that vacuum! Get an attachment to your vaccuum and go for all those hard to reach corners. You'll be fit and clean in no time!

(Note: Be sure to wear your Ipod and some workout clothes, otherwise you might think you're just cleaning - not working out).

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Its been known that cleaning house is a good workout and believe it or not, I enjoy cleaning (except scrubbing the tub), but wearing workout cloths and listening to my iPod is a whole new dimension. Thanks for the great idea!
Yes, cleaning a house is a great workout. Good point and a positive point. I am sure the cleaning is better if you are already in shape. However, cleaning a house will not get you in shape. There is a difference. You post does inspire me to clean more, rewards are two-fold. Clean house an healthy body. Ipod is the way to go! And workout clothes! Get the sweat going house cleaners!
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