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Clean Eating Recipe: Protein Pudding!

Posted Jul 31 2011 3:00pm

Nothing is more detrimental to clean eating goals than cravings! They sneak up on us relentlessly, it takes immense willpower to crush them, and yet they always seem to regenerate. Sometimes, it feels like the only way to destroy the craving entirely would be to indulge and get it over with. but we can’t give in as often as we’d like, or we’d never get anywhere with our goals. So what is a fitness oriented person to do?

I would be a filthy liar if I denied having a sweet tooth. I crave sweet things OFTEN! And I always find that my last meal of the day in the later evening is the most difficult to keep clean. That is when I want sweets, and something fast without a whole lot of work. So I’d like to share one of my favourite little indulgences: pudding! No, don’t cringe yet, its actually healthy! Its high protein, low sugar and low fat, and positively delicious when you need some chocolate, or something sugar-like to satiate our evil sweet-teeth!

This is by no means my own original recipe, this is a tried and true option in any bodybuilder or competitor’s diet arsenal – so this is just my way to share what works for me, and how I manage to indulge without breaking my clean-eating goals.

What You Need:

  • Jello Instant Pudding: Fat Free, Sugar Free
  • 2+ scoops Protein Powder
  • 1-2 cups Skim Milk
Note: Make sure that your protein powder is a correlating flavor to your pudding packet -  Jello Pudding packets  come in a variety of flavors, all which can be used with the right protein. My favourites to make are Chocolate Fudge or Chocolate with Milk Chocolate Myofusion, or Banana Cream with Vanilla protein.

Instructions: Put 2 cups of  cold skim milk in a blender, add the fat/sugar free jello pudding packet. Add 2 or more scoops of the appropriate   protein powder, to meet your protein needs (I used 4 so each serving had 25 g). Blend until fully mixed and creamy, then pour into serving sized bowls. Refrigerate or freeze until mix reaches your desired consistency.

Serve, indulge, and enjoy guilt free!

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