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Circuit Training Workout of the Day for Fat Loss

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:41pm 1 Comment
I think more people should walk or bike to work instead of driving. Most people are overweight and need to lose weight, improve their fitness and health so why not exercise on the commute to work? Especially with gas prices so high and pollution worsening, walking and biking to work would really improve our quality of lives.

As for myself, I just bought a brand new road bike for some outdoor exercise and commuting to work but it was raining this Sunday morning so I decided to keep the workout inside. Instead of cycling I put together a nice fat burning circuit training workout to help me lose weight. I rarely do the same workout twice but I always plan the training before getting started. Here was today's workout:
  • Mobility work, 1 hour (most people do not need nearly this much mobility work but my ankles and upper back have been really tight lately).
  • Warm-up, 1 set of 10 reps per exercise (Lunge with twist, lateral lunge, inchworms, t-push-ups).
  • Circuit Training

My weight loss circuit training session was very kettlebell focused. If you have a kettlebell or are interested in learning more, check out my kettlebell blog. Otherwise here is a great circuit you could do without kettlebells:

  1. push-ups (remember to keep the core tight)
  2. single leg squats (place the resting leg on a chair behind you, this is great for people with knee problems as it will build stability and improve hip mobility)
  3. dumbbell clean and press (pull the dumbbells up to your shoulders, then press them over head, the whole movement is explosive)
  4. plank hold (like the push-up position but on your elbows, keep your body straight and tight for as long as possible)
  5. Russian twist (lie on your back, grab a dumbbell or medicine ball and move it from your left side to your right side. This can also be done in a sit-up position)
  6. dumbbell curls
  7. dumbbell deadlifts (weights down by your sides, keep your head up and back straight, bend over with knees bent then stand up straight)
  8. standing knee raises (knees as high and far out as possible, standing on toes)
  9. jumping jacks (you remember these from high school right?)

Keep the reps for each exercise between 10-40 if possible. It is important to keep moving and really burn as much energy as possible to move fast! Once you have done movements 1-9 take a 1-3 minute rest and then begin again. You should do about four sets total of this circuit training routine. After the routine, if you still feel energetic, pick one exercise that hits your weak point and do that. I did overhead presses after the routine but you may do some extra abdominal work or whatever you feel is lacking.

This circuit training routine is guaranteed to make you lose weight and improve your fitness so give it a try! If you need an example of a circuit training routine check out this video below:

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My weight loss circuit training session was very kettlebell focused. If you have a kettlebell or are interested in learning more, check out my
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