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Circuit Training: The Best Workout for Today's Busy Lifestyle

Posted Aug 26 2008 5:03pm

Everyone knows the value of exercise and other physical activities to one's health. Unfortunately, many modern day individuals are preoccupied with the ever-increasing demands of work, family, and other important matters that they have no time to include exercise in their schedules. Countless individuals are seeking ways to improve their physique, develop their muscles, and eliminate stress without consuming too much time.

A great way to improve one's health and physique is by doing a workout program called “circuit training.” This kind of training program involves moving from one strength training routine to another, in a specified amount of time, with the goal of working the major muscle groups in the upper body, lower body, and core. Individuals who want to try this program should remember that no two consecutive exercises should target the same muscle group. During circuit training, individuals usually perform exercises in about 20 to 30 seconds with a 30 second recovery between each exercise. Three to five sets of exercises are done with a three minute recovery between each set.

Circuit training may improve strength, muscle endurance, and metabolism because of constant movement. In addition to these health benefits, if circuit exercises are done at speed, some benefits of aerobic exercises can be achieved as well. However, this type of program alone may not burn enough calories to promote significant weight-loss.

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