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Chunky Aerobics Instructor Syndrome (CAIS)

Posted May 17 2010 8:07am
A year or so ago I blogged about ' The Tubby Trainer '.

Not for the purposes of making myself look superior by putting other fitness professionals down, but to teach practicing what you preach.

Today I'm back to share more information (coincidentally at the expense of other fitness professionals) through the explanation of what Charles Poliquin calls the CAIS...

Chunky Aerobics Instructor Syndrome!

Don't pretend you haven't seen this for yourself.

Your Step, Spin, Dance, or Cardio Class instructor looks to be in worse shape than you!

That ain't right.

How can someone that teaches three or more aerobic classes a day be CHUNKY?

Truth is, not EVERYONE can stay lean on an aerobic-based fitness program.

Many people are racking up thousands of minutes and miles on the cardio machines, but look the same.

I bet you can put at least three people from your gym in this category.

We need to get off the obsession that more aerobics is better, it may just be...longer.

So why do exercisers not always get results from an aerobic-based program?

It comes primarily from two main things

1. The body adapts quickly to aerobic training and stops changing

2. Aerobic training causes the release of glucocorticoids, which are destructive to muscle tissue - influencing your tone and metabolism.

What can YOU do to prevent looking like a saggy Step Instructor?

  • Alternate resistance training and aerobics days
  • Perform 3 to 5 minutes on a machine then switch to something else, continue for 30+ minutes
  • Change type of aerobic activity each workout, keep it new!
  • Mix up the movement pattern - pedal backwards, run sideways, etc.
  • Intervals of intense effort for 30 seconds to 3 minutes, actively resting and repeating.

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