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Chromium Supplements and Vitamin Supplements

Posted Oct 26 2008 11:05pm

Considered to be an essential nutrient, chromium is required for fat metabolism and sugar regulation. It basically works by enhancing the action of insulin produced by the body. This particular function of chromium makes it beneficial for preventing and even managing type 2 diabetes. In the human body, chromium is usually stored in the spleen, liver, kidneys and bones.

Health experts in the United States consider chromium to be an essential nutrient to improve and maintain your health. Chromium is needed for fat metabolism and in glucose (sugar) regulation that’s produced in the pancreas. In particular, people suffering from type 2 diabetes must have enough chromium that’s stored in the spleen, liver, kidneys and bones.

The importance of having a healthy level of chromium in the body cannot be stressed enough. Sugar levels must be regulated in order to produce the most amount of energy. If you combine chromium with the other nutrients, you basically guarantee that your insulin is utilized correctly. Chromium even works with glucose tolerance factor to increase the level of insulin in the blood.

To clarify this important issue, keep in mind that a glucose tolerance factor contains essential substances like glycine, niacin, cysteine and vitamin B3. These vitamins and enzymes work to improve your insulin activity; your benefit is a more rapid movement of blood sugars to your cells. Chromium also works to regulate your cholesterol levels once your body sugar is regulated.

As you grow older, it would be more difficult to maintain a healthy level of chromium in your body. Even the action of the glucose tolerance factor is affected as time passes. This can be remedied by increasing the level of chromium in your body, which will basically ensure a normally-functioning body. At the same time, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is minimized.

Whatever your age, do you take an active interest in managing your vitamins and supplements in order to improve and maintain your health? Type 2 diabetes is an illness that affects millions of Americans; it is, in many cases, preventable through proper diet, vitamins and supplements recommended by your physician. Similarly, high HDL cholesterol is most often prevented in the same manner. If you’re experiencing chronic fatigue, unusual anxiety, and think you might be suffering from glucose intolerance, be sure to consult with your physician before taking a chromium supplement.

There are many chromium supplements available today in local stores and online merchants. When looking for a high-quality supplement, chromium picolinate is thought to be the form of this essential element that is best absorbed by the body. It’s vital that, when using a chromium supplement, you don’t take more than your physician recommends based upon the current state of your general health. Your body absorbs only the amount of chromium it needs. Avoid the “more is better” trap!

In general, your body’s glucose tolerance factor, which is also affected by age, contains elements like glycine, niacin, cysteine, and vitamin B3. As these vitamins and enzymes improve your insulin regulation, chromium also helps regulate HDL cholesterol in your blood. If you suffer from unusually high anxiety, glucose intolerance and low energy, consult your physician about the possibility of taking a chromium supplement to improve your overall health.

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