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Choosing A Bath Scale That Best Suits You

Posted May 29 2010 4:38pm
Bath scales have now become more than a functional tool for weight-watching. In modern homes, bath scales have also become aesthetic accessories for bathrooms. They come in many different sizes, shapes, color and material. Know how to choose a bath scale that best suits you and your lifestyle.

First, let’s get to know the basic types of bath scales. When visiting a supplier or hardware store, inquire about these types of bath scales:

- Mechanical bath scales – Analog bath scales – Display bath scales – Electronic bath scales – Platform bath scales – Solar bath scales – Dial scales – Portable scales

Aside from being the usual weight-measuring device, the latest bath scale models now include a feature for measuring body-fat percentage. There are also talking bath scales now available from many suppliers and over the Internet.

Your traditional bath scale would most likely be made of metal that is painted over with other colors. The weight of the metal is helpful in keeping the scale from moving when being used. Today, there are various materials used to manufacture scales. A bath scale could be made of rust-resistant aluminum to glass. There are even those with rubber or plastic coverings that have bumps on them to prevent slippage. Most bath scales have rubber stubs underneath to prevent the scale from moving from side to side.

What you want to look for in a bath scale are features that benefit you the most. The electronic/digital bathroom scale might be more expensive than other types of bath scales but it might benefit those who weigh themselves for a diet and exercise program. The electronic/digital bathroom scale tends to be more accurate and is therefore a good investment for the health buff. There are scales that analyze body fat as well. Also, try looking for a talking bath scale. If you’re going to weigh yourself on a daily basis it can get tiring having to look down at those numbers. Simply stand on the scale and listen to your weight!

Focus on the scale’s design if you don’t have much use of it as a weighing device. If you want a modern, masculine look, popular bath scale designs to choose from are glass or aluminum designs that have simple clean lines. There are also now bath scales that are more colorful, playful and feminine. These can come in various shapes and are great for kids.

Some bath scales have extra features. As mentioned earlier, it may have bumps on its surface to prevent slippage. This type of bath scale is especially useful for young children, the elderly, and those who have trouble moving physically. Furthermore, you can invest in a talking bath scale if you have a hard time seeing far. You don’t want to have to wear your glasses or contacts in the mornings just to view those numbers. Choosing a bath scale is simple. Search online to view images with ease. You can also walk through a hardware or supplier’s shop to check the feel of bath scale textures and materials.


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