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Chicago Women’s 1/2 Marathon Recap: No PR, LOTS of Heat and Chicago fun!

Posted Jun 24 2013 6:30am

I had no intentions yesterday of going out with PR dreams.  They vanished days ago when the weather report indicated that Sunday’s temps would be in the upper 80′s with humidity at 85%!  I was not trained for this kind of weather! Yet, there is still that tiny piece of me that thinks MAYBE I can do it!

I got up at 4:30am got ready, had my overnight oats and piled in a car with 5 other wonderful women!  We headed towards Grant Park and I had plenty of time to get a bathroom run before the start of the race!

We all parted ways and I got up towards the front of the line.  Starting position is KEY for me!


You can see I had a pretty favorable starting place!  I lined up with all the 7:30′s even though I knew it wasn’t going to happen.  There was also pretty decent cloud cover at the start.  For a minute I thought maybe the heat wouldn’t be so bad if the clouds were there.      That wasn’t my luck.

My first couple of miles were at a good speed.  I was running them in about 7 minutes.  Water stop #1 and I inhaled the water up my nose.  Ouch!!  Ever do that during a run?  Not a pleasant feeling!  Moving on and miles  3 and 4 were good but the sun showed its face and there was no shade on this course.  Around mile 5 I felt the need to slow.  I started walking through every water stop and walked up the mini hills.  I’ve never walked in a race before but I had to so something.  The heat was bad!

I continued to get through the race and miles 6, 7, 8 and 9 were OK.  Around mile 10 I got another wind of energy. By now though I knew that PR hopes were gone.  Head trash started to take over at mile 10 and I started beating myself up for being that slow.

It was around mile 11 that I saw the 1:45 pace runner and figured that would be my best option for a finish.  I hung back with 1:45 mini group, which pretty much consisted of the pace setter and coasted to the finish.

I got to see Sara and the Hubs in the final stretch and I crossed the finish line at 1:45:02.  An 8:02 pace.


photo 2

I should be thrilled with my finish but the 8:02 pace bummed me out for a little while. I guess rain, wind and hills are more favorable race conditions for me.  I still finished faster than the Springfield 1/2 , but 6 minutes slower than the North Shore 1/2 .  So for me yesterday was my second fastest 1/2 marathon.  I need to be pleased with my result and move on!

In the finish shoot I had chance to meet fellow blogger Erica Finds !  Erica found me! So fun meeting other bloggers and Erica is one speedy girl!  Hoping I get to see you again at future races Erica!

It was just after 8:15 when I crossed the finish line and the family and I hit up the post race party.


One truck was giving away ice cream and popsicles… Sara was thrilled!  I mean what 4 year old doesn’t love a popsicle before 9am and just look at the size of that thing!

Most of the goodies were smoothies, juices and other beverages.  Slightly disappointing in terms of post race goodies!

The fun didn’t stop there for us.  We crossed the street and headed to Millennium Park for the remainder of the morning where we enjoyed being tourists in our city!

photo 3_2    photo 1

A little action in the water fountain and pictures by the infamous Beam.  We had a great time!

photo 3 Fun family pic with crazy bears!

photo 5

Yesterday was the 3rd 1/2 marathon of the season for me and I love that my family comes out to root me on.  It’s not easy all the time but seeing their faces at the finish line makes it so much better!  These two or my biggest fans!

Yesterday was a great day and I am thrilled that I did this race!  Running with thousands of other women is such an amazing experience.  Have you ever done an all women’s race? Have a great Monday everyone!




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