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Cheaters Make Our Fit Bottoms Twitch

Posted Oct 18 2010 3:00am
cheaters, performance enhancing drugs

Credit: stevendepolo

Warning! Personal rant coming in 5, 4, 3, 2… Man, I can’t stand cheaters! I know I should just mind my own beeswax, but I take personal offense to those who falsely excel or brag because of their cheater-peter ways. As a kid, I’d roll my eyes at the cheaters who would take credit for their fake little As, but the eye rolls quadruple when it comes to cheating in the world of fitness.

This year I participated in a running contest at my gym. Basically, we created four-person teams to compete against each other. Whichever team made it to 284 miles first won. One group of non-runners was putting down six to seven miles each day. (Miles that the gym managers weren’t too sure they were actually clocking.) It was frustrating to say the least, but got even worse when they won. The prize for winning was piddly. (Last year I got a water bottle.) So when push comes to run, these women cheated themselves. I am still trying to figure how someone can brag about winning without putting in the necessary sweat. After all, it’s that sweat we take the most pride in.

When it comes to fitness, the hard work is the payoff. Coincidentally, I recently heard an NPR broadcast concerning the popular topic of doping. I applaud people like Katherine Hamilton who would rather pack on the muscles and build strength the good, old-fashioned way—drug-free hard work.

At the end of the day, it’s the honest blokes and blokettes out there whose consciences are at peace…and whose fit bottoms (and backs!) are acne-free and legitimately fit.

Have you witnessed cheating shenanigans before? —Tish

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