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Cheap Exercise Equipment That Works

Posted Oct 14 2012 9:03am

There are many people who want to start working out but who don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of money on equipment or on a monthly gym membership, especially in the beginning. Fortunately, there is a lot of cheap exercise equipment available to help you get a great workout.

There is a lot of cheap exercise equipment in the market that you can get for less than 50 bucks. So you might think that being so cheap that the equipment wouldn’t be that effective, but in this case you’d be wrong. Sometimes it is best to go with something simple, and simple is sometimes the most effective. If you are looking to shed some pounds, tone your muscles, or just improve your overall physical fitness, any of these products combined with some other form of low impact exercise (like ) will be able to provide you with a great workout by any measurement.

The first product on our cheap exercise equipment list is the kettlebell. come in a variety of different weights so depending how strong you are you will need to adjust accordingly. There are a few basic exercises you should learn to master before moving on to any advanced routines. The kettlebell swing is a great overall movement for increasing strength for the entire posterior of your body. The posterior being the back of the neck, back muscles, glutes, and back of your thighs and calves. It’s one of most simple, yet effective exercises for gaining strength.

Two awesome products that we really like are the home pull up bar and push up handles. Of course you could just do pushups by themselves, but adding handles gives you a little more range of motion and really blasts your muscles. Combined with regular pullups, you can develop a really nice upper body. To work your lower body you don’t need any additional equipment, just add in some sets of air squats and lunges and you’ll be able to target all the same muscles you can with 1000′s of dollars worth of professional weight lifting equipment.

We would supplement the above some form of cardio training as well, preferably with some interval training like sprinting. This will give you some conditioning and improve your cardiovascular function while still allowing you to build some solid muscle with the body weight exercise products above.

Another one of the more effective all around pieces of cheap exercise equipment would be a good set of resistance bands. Now a set of resistance bands won’t get you the same results in terms of weight training as the pushup/pullup combo mentioned above, but it is a great overall workout for developing some good muscle tone and strength. They are perfectly paired with a form of cardio training like walking, jogging, swimming, or whatever other moderate cardio you enjoy most. This is a good regimen if you are just looking to shape up a bit and will give you a great overall level of physical fitness.

Anytime you need information or recommendations on fitness products like workout gear , please visit our site and take a look at our information .

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