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Ch-Ch-Ch-CHIA. (Some fr-fr-fr-free(ah).)

Posted Feb 20 2009 6:14pm

subtitle: It’s flashback Friday up in herre.

First, if you’re not familiar with CHIA, click on over to Cranky Fitness & peruse a guest post I did on that topic a little while ago.

Take your time. Read slowly. We’ll wait.

OK. Done?  (EDITED TO SAY: here is the video if it the above post link isnt working)

Now, repeat after me: Im icked out by the very *idea* of the gel which chia becomes after hanging out in water for a bit.

Next?Embrace the ick & let’s attempt to move beyond.

Let’s work to see past the goo and try to find a goolution, if you will, to our feelings of “I know I *should*” and “Good G-d I simply can NOT.”

By way of example I wanted to share with you one of my favorite chia emails.

This creative emailer offered up her chia experiments and, in response, I wanted to proffer some suggestions for making the seeds more palatable.

Chia Experiment #1: Eating them straight as you suggested. Seemed like it should be easy enough, because they look a lot like poppy seeds. And then they turned to goo. And stuck to my teeth.

As my husband would be the first to eagerly point out: Im a food oddity. This is, indeed, what happens when they’re eaten out of the bag (and why my morning routine includes lots of flossing time).  This isnt the way to go for most people as, besides the prohibitive cost of good dental floss, the goo-turnage can be quite unpleasant.

I’d definitely not recommend switching from this to DRINKING the chia in water as, in my opinion, it’s like chugging goo (anything referred to in the literature as thick mucilage MizFit is NOT drinking no matter how faTIZtastic it may be for her.)

Chia Experiment #2: Sprinkling them on husband’s bagel. His comment was that it was fortunate that he had nowhere to be and easy access to the restroom.

Ok. Let’s get a giggle in here & move on to MY question: This never happened to me. Anyone else?  Perhaps it was a shock to his system, but chia is supposed to only contain 9 grams of fiber in *four* teaspoons so it shouldnt have that type of an impact (do not be shy. comment under a pseudonym if need be but please to share yer experiences)!

Chia Experiment #3: Dissolving them in water. They have swollen and turned fuzzy. It looks like the reject vat at a fertility clinic. I don’t think I can drink this.

Please to see the above—MizFit is RIGHT WITH YOU.

Now I have for you a little bit of information ( drumroll please ).

A tip which has made my chiaperience far more pleasant.  (increase sound of drums rolling).

Something which, according to my research, should not impact the integrity of the chia–but since Im a MizFit & not a scientist I can not wholly verify (sound of drums ceasing to roll & then figuring what the heck and commencing once again):


Heat a small pan, use low heat, and lightly toast the chia seeds. The result? seeds which wont gel yet still have all the fiber and other benefits.

Chia Experiment #4: Possibly a very expensive Chia Pet????

Oh emailer–I promise you we can do better than that.

Perhaps the below mightcould be experiment #4:

Make berry chia jelly. Make some chia gel & mix it into your favorite jelly using a 50/50 mixture.

For example: 1/4 cup of chia gel to 1/4 cup of strawberry jelly.  The result contains fewer calories and more fiber/ omega 3’s than are normally found in your toasttoppingtreat. (what’s not to love?)

Or, perhaps, try this *treat* adjustment/addition (please to serve this to company & report back):

Add 2 Tablespoons of chia seed to the liquid in cake mixes, brownie mixes (I know. Box mixes are the devil. Yell at me in the comments), or other homemade batters of your choosing .

Bake and eat yer chia. (again, all the research Ive found indicates it’s OK to heat chia and that you wont destroy its properties.)

That’s what Ive got, People.

Have you tried the chia? Wanna share your experiences?

**crickets chirping**

What’s that you say? You’ve never tried the stuff?

Hidalgo Foods, a company which sells chia & myriad other funcational food ingredients, has heard your cry & donated four pounds of white chia for your sampling pleasure.

(I love their site. They sell everything from chia to organic yogurt covered goji berries.)

Initial thoughts on the chia?

Musings to share already ( Marianne?)? Please to hit us all up in the comments.

Four USA winners will receive one pound of chia each & 10% off another purchase at Hidalgo Foods.

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