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Cardio Reading and Sprinting

Posted by Eric S.

Want to pass the time while on a cardio piece of equipment? Try taking a towel to cover the time and sprinting from 10-15 seconds when you complete each page. You will get a great sweat plus the time will fly by especially if you have a good book.
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Great idea Eric. This also works for me with music - take your ipod and put your favorite music (something with a very good rhythm) and sprint at the end of every song, or when the theme part of the song plays again.
When I was strenuously doing cardio a couple of years back, I used to love spending that time catching up with my favorite shows. And the exercise never seemed monotonous.
Covering up the time is a great idea. I see too many people constantly glancing at the time and it seems to drag their workout on. I use the cardio machines by the window and while listing to music, I gaze out the window in a meditative state. This helps me clear my thoughts and relieve some stress.
I agree. You have to do something while working out on a cardio machine. I read or listen to a lecture. Try to educate myself. Makes time go by really fast.
Those are some really helpful tips. I personally found that not looking at my watch while running made running to be less of a drag, as though I'm running at my own pace and thinking about my day's to-do list. Clocks are helpful, but sometimes add extra stress and drag when not necessary. :) I feel I really get in touch with how my body feels too, when I'm not hung up on the time.
This idea is perfect, Eric, especially if you're reading the Harry Potter series and nearing the end of one of the books-where the action really begins to pick up. The one I'm reading now-The Half-Blood Prince-is keeping me interested and alert, so I'm going to give this a try!

The holders on the cardio equipment at my gym will hold little more than a magazine but it's still a great time to catch up on current events and the latest tips for spring.

If you're able to read a book or magazine, or tinker on a laptop as I saw one guy doing on a treadmill (on t.v.)

are you working hard enough? I know steady state cardio can be tedious, and but i never understood the idea behind using a super low intensity so you're able to flip through literature. Seems inefficent to me =/

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