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Cardio On An Empty Stomach = Ripped Abs?

Posted Feb 19 2009 5:32pm

Yes, I am one of the millions of people that have joined Facebook Anonymous (FA).

My name is Lance Breger, and I am a Facebook-a-holic.

Actually, I'm not addicted to it...yet.

Recently I became 'Friends' with an old workout buddy that I haven't seen or spoken to in years!

The other day his Facebook status read,

 '______ is Cardio First Thing In The Morning On An Empty Stomach And Then Working Your Abs Will Give You Ripped Abs' 

First off, my 'Friend' is crazy ripped. There is no doubt about it.

He has more definition than Merriam-Webster, so it would be easy for anyone on Facebook to read what he wrote and consider it to be the truth.

But, is it...

The Truth About Cardio On An Empty Stomach:

1. It takes waaaay more than just cardio on an empty stomach and doing ab exercises to get ripped abs.

2. If you do cardio on an empty stomach (like in the morning), your body will use fat quicker for energy during the workout because your body is low on available carbohydrates and will turn to fat next.

3. Doing abdominal exercises after cardio does not improve your results - doing then anytime will.

4. Working out on an empty stomach (especially 6-8 hours of sleep) is like driving a car on an empty tank of gas - your performance will be sluggish and less than ideal.

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