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carbohydrate counter Q:I’ve hear...

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:24pm

carbohydrate counter

Q:I’ve heard you mention cycling carbohydrate and protein intake a couple of times on your podcasts, so I was wondering how much do you vary them by? I’m 145lbs, so I target taking about 145g of protein, but when I cycle should I vary between 100g and 160g, or something like that? And the same question with carbohydrates. I don’t really eat as much fat as I should, so I usually just fill in my calorie intake with carbs (fruits, veg, oatmeal, and whole-grain breads). So when I try to carbohydrate cycle, instead of trying to eat 2100 calories per day, I end up oscillating between 1700cal/day and 2500cal/day (and I synch up my higher calorie days with my lower body lifting). But is there a range of carbohydrates that I should cycle around?

A: Good question. The thing about carbohydrate cycling is that it is a necessity to remain lean while adding muscle. We just can not take in a large amount of carbohydrate at any time and thing they will help us build muscle. That only last for a small amount of time.

I like your thought process about cycling your carbohydrates in that manner. Don't count calories, just count carbohydrates. If you are eating 300 grams of carbohydrate on a "high" day then make your low day around 150 or if you are trying to get lean 100.

When you are eating 300 grams of carbohydrates, you can drop your protein slightly. Start with a 50 gram drop of protein and see how you train from there.

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