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Can you tell me how to get - how to get to AMIE STREET?

Posted Sep 29 2008 9:11pm

Be In Tune
As group exercise instructors, the music we choose for our classes not only represents our personality, but assists us in motivating our participants. We’ve all used and incorporated mixes from various sources (some from fitness-related sites like Dynamix, MusicFlex, PowerMusic - others, from our personal inventory). And now with the popularity of Napster, Rhapsody, and iTunes, instructors are even more selective with their musical purchases.

Amie Street How many times have members in our classes asked us about our playlists? How often have you recommended a song to a participant? How many hours have you spent creating the perfect bootcamp mix or cycle CD? Wouldn’t it be great if we actually saw a return from our musical investments? Well, now we can! I recently came across AMIE STREET, a site where you discover the songs you like (I say ‘discover’ because their database mostly consists of independent artists) and then get paid for spreading the word. Below are some cool things about AMIE STREET that I thought might be useful for group exercise instructors:

COOL THING #1: Tracks are CHEAP because up-and-coming artists upload in hopes to get discovered! Tracks cost anywhere between 98 cents and FREE (depending on their popularity - which is based on how often songs are downloaded).

COOL THING #2: If you like the song, you can officially recommend it. As a recommended track increases in popularity, the cost of track increases, therefore giving your greater kickbacks! A song that cost you 23 cents to buy could increase to 47 cents in a few days, returning 10 cents to your account (you can cash out or put it towards another track purchase!) They key is to recommend songs that start off at zero and watch them grow to 98 cents!

COOL THING #3: If you are recommending good songs, you might make some fans along the way - friends who follow to your profile. The more friends you have, the more likely they’ll download the songs you recommend (thus increasing the chances of making money.) So next time a member is a real-life fan of your playlists, make ‘em your Amie fan, too. (Every friend you invite to sign up earns you $4.00 in your account!)

COOL THING #4: Obviously this is not a grand money-making opportunity (unless you have tons of time and an ear for music in order to catch quality songs early in the game). But most of us don’t have the time nor are in the business of discovering new commercial talent (if we were, we’d probably be making millions of dollars, buying bling-bling and crashing parties whose guest lists include Beyonce and Stefani.) Most of us simply want new songs to keep our classes from getting bored. Best thing is to follow top profiles who recommend music that align with your own tastes (let them do all the work) and choose from their recs, decreasing your search time to a minimum.

We know people respond to good music regardless if it’s on BillBoards Top 100 or not. Music is an emotional and neurological experience. (Check out the book “This Is Your Brain on Music” by Daniel J. Levitin to learn more about the science of what makes a song enjoyable). So why spend hundreds of dollars on music when you can walk the ’streets’ and pick up dimes and quarters for free!

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