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can you suggest me anything which can help me to improve my dorsiflactors?

Posted by rima

I am Rima Patel from v v nagar, gujarat, india. I had an excident on 8th april 2007 and was operated on 18th april 2007. i feel down from a bridge into the river and had some blood cloting on left side of brain, my 2nd no. of spinal cord (L2) was broken, ribs fracture (on left 9,10,11 and rigth side 4,5), lungz infaction beacuse felt down in river and drunk water, had multiple frakture on left hand elbow, pelvis injury(Acetibluim fracture).

L2 spinal cord was totally broke and Dr. replaced titanium cage in that area, in my left hand elbow as had multiple fracture so 2 plates + 6 skews and a wire was inserted in my left hand elbow.

also i had fractues in 9th, 10th, 11th ribs on left side and 4th rib on right side and had pelvis fracture and also as i was feel down in river i was having infection in my lungs so there was delay in my operation for 10 days so my right leg was more infected (It was totally Paralised, and had no sensetions. Sensetions started after 2-3 days of operation).

also as i told you there were no sensation on my leg and also had pelvis fracture, my dorsiflaction is not coming, i am talking stilmulation daily and do daily excersire by going to the same hospital were i was admited. i was wearing bress for 6months. After 6 months i gone througth CT scan of brain, spinal cord and also of pelvis and after that my dr. decided for removing bress after looking to that report as everything was totally normal.
now i am almost fine but still rigth leg muscles weekness is there. now the only problem of Dorsiflaction is remaning. my TA is 1+ but since very long time its sticked to that only. i went for EMG NCV test also, in July 2008 but the tests are normal and it says regeneration had been started and none on single nerve is damanged.
rigth now i am wearing foot raze. my gateway pattern is not that normal. some hiking steps are coming i asked physiotherapy people and they are saying it is because of dorsiflaction. when it will be fine your gateway will ge normal.
can you suggest me anything which can help me to improve my dorsiflactors?
Thanking You,
Rima Patel.

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