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Can Vegetarians Build Muscle Without Consuming Meat?

Posted Dec 17 2009 9:40pm
Can vegetarians build muscle is the age old question is asked by almost every vegetarian that doesn’t want to look like a stick. The truth is, it is a common concern and most people just don’t get accurate information. So, today I’m going to show you how you can be a veggie lover and still build muscle.

Plenty of people have built massive amounts of muscle on vegetarian diets, the most famous vegetarian that succeeded in building muscle was a guy by the name of Bill Pearl. Pearl is a famous vegetarian body builder who one the title of Mr. Universe in 1953 and 1971. Pearl is the kind of vegetarian that eats both eggs and dairy to help in his muscle building. He is a lacto-ovo vegetarian.

The foods you eat

If you too are a lacto-ovo vegetarian and eat eggs regularly, then you’re in luck. Eggs are one of the best foods you can eat to build muscle. They are very high in protein and good fat and nutrients needed to rebuild muscle. Cows milk is also a great source of protein and good fat.

Strict Vegetarians

If you are a strict vegetarian, not to worry, you can still build muscle. There a few diet changes you can make to build muscle mass.


Adding a protein supplement to your diet will help your muscles rebuild after workouts. You can also eat more tofu and soy milk in your recipes to ensure you have enough protein in your diet.


It’s a fact, most vegetarians usually don’t get enough fat. In order to get the right amount of good fats that help build muscle, eat a few handfuls of nuts like almonds, cashews or pistachio nuts. These are a great source of protein as well as healthy fat. You can also add a tablespoon or two of flax seed oil for healthy fat and an essential amino acid called linolenic acid.


Many vegetarians may look healthy but are often slightly vitamin deficient, specifically vitamin B12. Add a B12 supplement to your diet for more energy or consider drinking soy or whey meal replacement shakes that contain 1/3 or more of your daily vitamins and minerals.

Vegetarians can build muscle, it isn’t the best diet for body building, but it is possible. If you follow the advice in this article, you will be building muscle in no time with a good muscle building plan.

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