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Can stress cause hives and what else causes them?

Posted Nov 04 2008 8:41pm

Attention. If you’ve got hives bad enough that your tongue and mouth are bigger or if you can’t seem to catch, get to a doctor immediately! Also, if hives persist longer than seven days or so, go see your doctor.

They are little red bumps on your skin that itch like crazy. Some people describe it as a bunch of bees having a party in there. They are caused by hormones in the skin that lets liquid ooze out of your veins which gathers in little pockets under your skin. Frequently, the hives will change location.

Often the cause of acute hives is very clear: You eat strawberries and soon you look like one.

Some people develop the itchy little bumps after taking certain medications. Some causes are harder to find because they can be triggered by animals, mold, chemicals we use for personal hygiene, and some other diseases like lupus. The weather can also be a factor.

Our body’s covering is an organ. As such, it is very sensitive to chemical changes. Stress changes body chemistry, some of it very drastically so yes, stress does cause hives in some people.

In some people, one of the symptoms of anxiety attacks is itchiness. Stress and anxiety cause the body to produce chemicals called cortisol and adrenaline. An intestinal peptide known as VIP may also be produced. An overabundance of these chemicals is thought to cause an imbalance in the body’s hormones, thus triggering an outbreak of hives.

If stress caused the rashes, they will stay till the anxiety is removed. One won’t go away without the other. If they stay longer than six weeks, they are called chronic hives.

Chronic hives are usually more mysterious. Their causes are rarely uncovered, even by expert investigators. Fortunately, both kinds of hives respond to a variety of treatments.

When hives begin to blossom, you often can save your body from becoming a bouquet of red lumps by taking a cool shower. That’s a cool shower. Hot water stimulates histamine release and can turn you into a giant, walking bump colony.

Hives that are caused by stress need two kinds of medication. One is an antihistamine to drain the bumps and another is an antidepressant to help the patient relax. One drug often prescribed is Doxepin. If it appears that the hives are one of the signs of clinical depression for the patient, other medications will be in order.

When they arrive, try to determine what caused the hives. They look the same whether they were caused by a toxin in your surroundings or stress. Sometimes it is really hard to come to a firm conclusion.

Sometimes finding the cause of hives involves some detective work. Doctors suggest keeping an accurate diary of everything when an episode begins. It is important to note everything from the time of day, the food that’s in front of you, the location, the mood you’re in, the situation itself and how stressful it might be and also how long the episode lasts.

Hives have many causes. Sometimes they are the symptoms of other illnesses so it is very important to have your doctor check you out for any other problems which might be lurking behind the outbreak.

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