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Can I Work In? - part 2

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:26pm

Now that you've gotten enough nerve to ask the behemoth beefcake to 'work in' at your gym, what do you do when they say yes?

As I mentioned in part 1, properly asking to work in is only have the battle here. To successfully work in with another gym member you must be concious of the following factors:

Excuse me Gentlemen, think I could work in after your hernia?

Working In Etiquette

Always Return to the Original

  • If you have to change the weight or settings on the machine when it's your turn, take note of how the other exerciser has left it. It's courteous to return it to how they originially had it when you finished. That means they can jump right back on when you're done.

Don't be a Sideler

  • Working in is an invitation to trade off using a machine, not an invitation to get all up in someone's personal space. When it is not your turn on the machine, give the other person some room...look the other way, get a drink of water, or stretch a couple feet away, instead ofmaking them uncomfortable by standing right on top of them. Don't be a exercise sideler!


  • When it is your turn be concious of the amount of time you are taking. Most serious exercisers are trying to only rest between 45-90 seconds. Don't over stay your welcome by letting your set take longer than that amount of time.

De-sweat or De-funk

  • If you soaked or funked up the machine, workout area, or handle bars when it was your your best to clean the mess.

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