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Can’t, Won’t or Don’t Wanna?

Posted Jul 26 2012 7:00am
Can't, Won't or Don't Wanna?

I'm big—huge, actually—on setting goals for myself and following through. Or, at least, doing what I can to follow through. I don't generally beat myself up for not achieving something I set my sights on, but, if I fall short, I like to figure out why. And, in my experience, the "why" tends to fall into one of three categories: Can't, Won't and Don't Wanna. Can't is pretty self-explanatory. Say I had a goal time for a race. I trained properly , I followed my nutrition plan leading up to it and got a good night's sleep the night before, and I still fell short. That's a can't. Also in the can't category are goals like "swim faster than Ryan Lochte ." Given the amount of time I have to train, my age, and, you know, the fact that I've only been swimming for a couple of years, and it's a definite can't. And can't, I don't worry about. I can only do the best I can, you know? Won't and Don't Wanna are a lot more common, somewhat intertwined, and a little harder to explain. Currently landing in my won't pile is following a vegan diet . It's something I could do in the future, and I love the idea, but I'm not there. I'm just not ready. So, the fact that I'm not currently eschewing eggs and dairy is very much a choice. I'm leaving it out there for the future, but I'm not going to sweat the fact that I haven't make that leap just yet. Don't wanna is more along the lines of skipping a morning workout because I've got a meeting with my pillow, you know? Or ordering a big cheesy pasta dish instead of a veggie-filled salad when I go out to eat. My don't wanna file is filled with the easy, one-off choices that I coulda-shoulda-woulda made. Don't wanna is all those small choices that add up to big changes (which is why I'm so incredibly proud that I'm becoming a real and true morning exerciser ; I'm working out three to four mornings a week before work!). And the don't wannas? Those, I don't like. Those are the ones that I know I'll change next time. When you don't don't meet a goal, do you try to analyze the reasons? Do you have categories like mine? —Kristen

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