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Calorie Counters

Posted by Lara I.

I recently saw an article which suggested that the calorie counters on gym cardio machines, like the elliptical, are inaccurate and may grossly over-estimate calories burned. Has anyone else heard that? Is it true?
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The article is right. YUP, the machines and online counters aren't accurate at all. they don't take into account your lean mass. in some you may input your weight but the machine doesn't know how much fat vs lean mass you have. and online when they estimate calories burnt based on your weight...the less you weight, the less you burn but no one taken into account the lean mass cause the fitter you are the more efficient you are....BUT on a regular basis i think they are ok to estimate the deficit you are creating. I'm using both a nutrition calorie counter and exercise calorie counter and so far lost almost 40 lbs:)
How Many Calories Did I Burn?. You're on the elliptical trainer for an hour pumping away. When you climb off it says you burned 532 calories. Is that right? Well, maybe not. Machines that count calories burned for you can overestimate by as much as thirty percent. Treadmills and bikes that allow you to factor in weight are a little more accurate while elliptical machines tend to be off by the largest amounts. So what's do you do? You can look up a list on the internet such as and it will tell you how many calories can be burned or take the number you get from your machine at the gym and adjust it accordingly.
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