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Calf Exercises- for Toned Calves

Posted Aug 07 2010 10:55pm 2 Comments

Most people want to look fit and toned. If you pick those body parts that are expose your fitness and tone the most- calves are one of them! Toned calves help you look good in anything that’s higher than ankle length. Great calves give great legs.

The fortunate part of toning your calves is that they’re small muscles, so they only need a couple of exercises to focus on them. Compound exercises like squats and lunges will also tone them. Besides these, running, stair climbing, cycling are also great for toning calves.

Here are exercises that can help you carve those calves! Make sure you focus the weight on the calves, control the movement and go through the full range of motion at the ankle to maximize the benefits from the exercise:

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