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Buy A Heart Rate Monitor? - part 2

Posted May 25 2009 10:46pm

Probably THE most important reason to buy a heart rate monitor is to make sure you are working out at the appropriate intensity for your goals.

If you aren't working hard enough you may just be spinning your wheels! On the other hand, if you are training too hard you may also be slowing down your progress.

That is why there is something called a Target Heart Rate (THR). THR is the most effective range for your heart rate to be in to elicit the benefits of exercise.

Did you know that there are Three Zones that make up this Target Range?

These Heart Rate Training Zones can be found by simply taking the 

appropriate percentage of the formula "220-age"  for each Heart Rate Training Zone.

40 years old client

220-40 = 180 

180 = Estimated Maximum Heart Rate Beats Per Minute (HRmax)

The percentage that is appropriate will be determined by the goal or adaptation that the client is 

trying to achieve. 

Zone One 

  • The first Zone is 65 to 75% of HRmax
  • builds an aerobic base that is critical for improving heart and lung capacity
  • This improved capacity affects the body's ability to store and transport oxygen and nutrients to produce energy. it is used for warm-up and recovery
  • 40 year old = 117 to 135 bpm 

Zone Two 

  • This second Zone is 80 to 85% of HRmax 
  • used to increase anaerobic and aerobic capacity by straddling the energy systems
  • A client could work on both leg strength and cardiovascular capacity by sustaining this Zone for long periods of time
  • 40 year old = 144 to 153 bpm

Zone Three

  • The final Zone is 86 to 90% of HRmax is only used in interval training
  • It can increase speed, power, metabolism, and anaerobic capcity by repeatedly exposing active muscles to high intensity exercise, improving resistance to fatigue
  • A client will be able to sustain a given exercise intensity for a longer period of time, increasing endurance
  • 40 year old = 155 to 162 bpm 

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