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Burn More Fat By Working Large Muscle Groups

Posted Jul 30 2009 10:03pm
Burn more fat by working large muscle groups, not by working out longer! Maximize your time in the gym and get the results you want! The quality of your workouts are better than the quantity of your workouts!

Have you been working out for 2 long, dragging hours per session with little or no results! Shorten your weight training workouts to 50 minutes or less and ramp up the intensity! In other words, work harder ( on large muscle groups ) for a shorter period of time and you'll get more fat burn and calorie burn during and after your workout!

Do as many compound strength exercises (with weights or bodyweight) standing up as possible. These types of exercises work major muscle groups and many times are full-body strength exercises. Squats, deadlift, lunges, standing bentover rows, squat-to curl-to press and bench press are great examples. Full-body core exercises like planks and side planks work well also. Spend less time posing on "mirror exercises" like bicep curls, calf raises and tricep extensions.

Here is a good fat-burning workout:

Do each exercise one after the other with little or no rest between exercises. Rest 3 minutes between circuits. Do the circuit 4 times.

1. Bulgarian Split Squats, 15 repetitions each leg
2. Plank, 15 repetitions, 5 second hold
3. Pushups on Medicine Ball, 20 repetitions
4. Step Ups with Knee Lift (knee high platform), 10 repetitions each leg
5. Pullups, 10 repetitions
6. Clock Lunges, 5 repetitions each leg
7. Standing dumbbell shoulder press, 10 repetitions
8. Repeat circuit 3 more times.

This type of workout will help you break through your weight loss and fat loss plateau.

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