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Burn Fat Quicker with Metabolic Training

Posted Mar 24 2011 7:24pm
If you want to burn fat at a quicker rate, try metabolic training.

You will burn fat sooner and get in peak condition. You will make improvements in resting heart rate, strength, muscle mass, cardiac output and blood volume. Your body fat will definitely decrease at a faster rate.

Metabolic training is an advanced form of high intensity exercise (strength circuits and interval cardio circuits). Metabolic training is a popular and effective method for sports teams.

If you play on a rec league basketball, soccer or flag football team, metabolic training would be ideal. You would also lessen your chances of injury. Many weekend warriors get hurt because they aren't in condition to play a sport at full speed.

If you play in a flag football league, your metabolic training could be set up to mirror the passing plays found in a 4 quarter game. Sprints, shuttles, jogging and rest periods could be used to metabolically train your body. The goal is for you to be physically fit to play your sport without injury.

As for metabolic resistance training, you want your strength circuits to be set up to last no more than 30 minutes. High intensity-type exercises are ideal for metabolic resistance training.

Choose exercises that help you live and play the way you, exercises like squat jumps, lunges, step ups, sprints, shuttles, jump rope, pushups, rows and presses all work.

Start burning more fat and transforming your body.

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