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Burn Fat Build Muscle

Posted Oct 29 2012 1:36pm

Finding a suitable exercise program for your fitness goals will depend on your body weight and type, your genetic makeup and it must be a workout that you will do on a continuous basis.

Most fitness beginners are suffering from inactive lifestyles and poor eating habits, causing a downward unhealthy trend that can result in always being overweight and possibly being burdened with chronic diseases if a change isn’t made beforehand.

Getting off your rear end and actually doing something about it before it’s to late is the wall that prevents most people from getting into a healthy shape.

If your not willing to apply an intense workout, don’t even bother and just continue to watch the pounds pile on while you not only start to look worst, you will feel worst. Intensity is good and effective and if you continue, it won’t be long before you begin to look and feel so much better.

Most people start a workout program because they are overweight, so at the start of a workout regimen it is always a good idea to perform more cardio type exercises, in order to prevent building muscle under fat.

You also must include into your fatburning workout and as you lose weight, you will slide the scale up to include more strength and exercises while reducing the cardio on your normal workout day.

On the days when your not doing the hard workout, try and apply about 15 to 20 minutes of fatburning exercise to keep a handle on the weight gain.

If your not changing your eating habits, all of the hard, intense will be neutralized and you won’t be able to reap all of the benefits of your workout program.

Around 15 years ago or so, A terrible malfunction with a bench press nearly caused catostrophic damage to my face and possibly death, so I decided to create a device and workout regimen that could produce the results I was striving for and it will be available to anyone that is also seeking excellent workout results. Read Bench Press Horror:

The terrible experience turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because it inspired the WorkoutBandit that is incredibly effective for exercising all of the major muscle groups with fatburning and bodybuilding results. You can control your weight while reshaping your entire physique.

I never had the desire to work so hard to look like the Arnold but it has kept me in the shape of men half my age and I only workout three days a week for 45 minutes. I’m 52 ripped years old.

I, like many people have only had the desire to not look like I needed to workout. Since I really didn’t have the time or inclination to spend so much time to get really ripped anyway, the intense three days a week workouts have had the results I hoped for.

I also was lucky to to be a Chicago Health Club (Bally’s) member in 1973 when the Nautilus resistance equipment came on the scene. The accurate intense movement is the key for any body sculpting success.

An almost fatal or terrible bodily injury incident using a 175 lbs. bar bell motivated me to design a piece of equipment that performs just like the Nautilus apparatus that worked so well and I havn’t used weights since.

At the time I simply didn’t have the desire or the space for an expensive bulky contraption, so I used my fabricating skills from my body shop experience to duplicate what these machines offered.

It’s important that you start some kind of exercise or physical activity but if you implement an intense full body workout on a consistant basis the transformation can be unbelievable and this positive effect will motivate you to continue on a regular basis.

To reap the most out of your workout program you will have to perform up to 60 minutes for 5 or 6 days a week of intense exercise.

Working each muscle group with the intensity and accurate fluid movement will determine the positive outcome of an effective fitness program.

If your already having trouble with weight control or obesity it’s real easy to end up with a piece of equipment or diet program that you will end up not utilizing properly or it is something that simply does’nt deliver on the advertised promises, or your not willing to work hard enough to make it actually happen.

But, if you have had enough and are serious, everyone can benefit with a structured guided fitness program that allows you to easily and quickly rotate between the muscle groups.

Years of experience has taught me the correct way to achieve a healthy physique, all done with observation and application.

If your ready to finally get into the physical condition you’ve been desiring, The WorkoutBandit can make it happen. This is a fatburning, bodybuiding program that can work for anyone that applies it.

This is a true full body program with dozens of exercises for all the muscle groups so you don’t have to worry about getting bored.

This isn’t just for men. Women, teens, athletes, physical therapy and seniors can all benefit from this versatile, simple fitness training plan.

The WorkoutBandit can also be very helpful for those of you that don’t want an intense workout. The easy ability to change resistance makes this easy for anyone. Before you buy the next big workout program, look into Intense fatburning, bodybuilding workouts plus many more fitness tips to get into the best shape of your life.

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