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Burgers, Shakes And Fries G ...

Posted Aug 22 2008 1:00pm
Burgers, Shakes And Fries

Google has this cool little tool called "alerts". You basically just enter any keyword about any topic that you like ( red cars) and whenever that topic gets brought up in blogs, on websites or in the press you get a email linking you to that article.

So I get a few a day and one of them is my own name, just so I can know what's being said out there.

Well I just so happened to get linked to a "experts" blog about why weekend diet binges wreck your progress.

Do they really though? I mean are a few pieces of pizza or some fries going to kill your gains? Like most things in the fitness industry, this individual tends to have a small, closed off mindset.

If you were good all week then go out tonight and have beers and wings. Your body will be in super compensation mode, which means that the calories you take in will be sucked up by your muscles. The chances of those calories being stored as fat are very, very small.

Here's another issue. We need to stop talking about calories and calories from fats and carbs and start talking about nutrients. Nutrients are what make you build muscle and burn fat. I can eat 3,000 calories and get the same benefits as someone eating 10,000 because of the nutrients in my food.

Back to this weekend...

What most people miss is the mental aspect of enjoying a meal or two on the weekend. These "chest" foods will boast your serotonin and dopamine levels thus increasing your mood and feeling of general well-being allowing you focus on your diet and training more.

I'm more worried about you worrying about that one meal then you actually eating it.

Jimmy Smith,MS,CSCS
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