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Building Muscle Tips #6 - How Often Should I Train?

Posted Oct 01 2008 11:02pm

So how much time should you train in the gym? Well… Many people over train when they first start, so not too much. And others don’t get to the gym very often, so they don’t notice any results. This is obviously not enough. So what’s the middle ground? You should be training somewhere in the middle and that’ll vary depending on your lifestyle.

This is the ideal muscle building frequency. You should be doing weight training, with heavy weights (lifting about 5-7 reps, for 2-3 sets each muscle group) 3 times a week. No more, no less. The important part of this program is that you’re lifting heavy weights, with short rep counts. This stimulates your muscles to grow most effectively. Take 1 day off each week, so you don’t over train, and do some cardio on your off days if you’re looking to lose some weight too. Your training sessions should be no longer than an hour. This keeps your body in an anabolic state where your muscles grow most effectively.

The whole reason you’re lifting weights is to stimulate your muscles to grow. That’s all. When you train hard, your body will grow and repair itself when your sleeping, working and getting out in the world. No need to spend hours in the gym, just 3 hours a week really. So you can get on with your life with no worries.

So do an intense workout, 3 times a week. Lift heavy weights and go out to enjoy your life. Exercise does not need to be a pain. Give yourself a break and go to the pool to show off your new muscles.

If you follow these instructions, you’ll find that you’re making massive muscle gains in no time. Your friends will comment and you can tell them how easy it is. Keep in mind though, that if you’re new to training you should consult a professional so you do the lifts correctly and do not hurt yourself. Also, eating well is the corner stone of a great physique. Keep it real.

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