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Build your own "300" Workouts Ov...

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:33pm

Build your own "300" Workouts

Over the course of the past two weeks, my inbox has been flooded with people talking about all the articles they've read and videos that they've seen about how the actors of the movie "300" trained and prepared. If you haven't seen it, the actors are lean and have the physique most people would die for.

Here in lies the problem, men and women will do "anything" to have the body of those actors so they will easily fall into traps. I've seen the videos and read the articles about how they train and my end thought is always the same. "It's nothing special, it's all about the effort".

I don't like following what other people do. It's just not me and it never will be. Now this is usually the part where I, as the expert rips hollywood workouts and their trainers by saying something like "All they have to do is train and eat or they are on drugs". I'm not going there, they obviously have attained a certain level of success , regardless of how they got there.

Lets focus on the common attributes that make workouts successful and how you can build your own.

1.You must focus on full body workouts- I don't care how you do it. Sled dragging, tire flips, compound movement but you must utilize compound movements. There is a reason that I keep saying it, because it works BETTER. You don't need a bodybuilding routine of bodypart days or isolation exercises to add lean muscle. It's a stupid misconception, muscle is muscle, all it knows is that it has to move a heavy ass weight. Get it out of your head and train full body every day.

2. Heavy weight- the only thing that builds "tone" is heavy weight. It helps the tonus of the muscle and is the only thing that will actually make us grow.

3. High and Low reps- Train with high reps one day and low the next, or low one exercise and high the next. Both types build muscle.

4.Do something you've never done- I'm convinced that if more people did reactive exercises like sit to jump, box jumps or some type of explosive movement that they'd drop fat like nothing. try it, find a bench at the gym, squat down and jump up onto it, then repeat. Never deadlifted and squatted in the same session, go do it and do it heavy.

5.Effort- This is honestly the biggest thing that the actors had working for them. If you believe the Law of Attraction, whatever you focus on becomes yours. These guys went in every day and busted ass. Think about it, how hard would you work and diet if you knew you had to shirt less soon? Come to think of it, you do. Memorial Day is 10 weeks away.
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