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Buddakan in the Blizzard! (Aka the Thunder-snow!)

Posted Jan 26 2011 11:55pm
Tonight was a lot of fun.  Me and two of my besties went to Buddakan in Old City Philadelphia.  It was awesome.  I had been to the Buddakan in New York a few years ago for a friend's birthday, but going for restaurant week in Philly was really great. 

Since it was a BLIZZARD out, we got to move our ridiculously late reservation up earlier, and the restaurant wasn't that full considering it was previously booked solid. It's also thunder-snowing for basically the first time ever.  There is a ton of snow and crazy amounts of thunder and lightening happening.  What is happening with this weather lately??

"Hey Joe, Take a picture of me before going out to dinner...yeah over by the fish bowl..."

Obligatory full body shot

The big Buddha at Buddakan

Riesling = a close friend

Pammy's coctail

Melissa got shrimp and scallop egg rolls which we split.  They were absolutely scrumptious!

I split my classic chicken dumplings with her!  It came with 5, but I forgot to take the picture because I was so excited!

Entrees - All three of us got this for our main course.  Char Grilled Aged Beef, Szechuan fries, watercress salad

Dessert: Crying Chocolate
warm chocolate cake with a soft center, Vietnamese coffee ice cream

waterfall wall

Old city blizzard

It would be cute it the snow wasn't whipping my face and embedding itself in my eyes

Overall a great meal and a great time with the girls!  We had to walk a few blocks to find a cab which was MISERABLE.  I kid you not it looked like someone in Buddakan gave me a swirlie before I exited the premisis.  I had to seriously towel off when I got home, and my hair is still wet (which is upsetting because I hate washing my hair unnecessarily...don't judge). the way...I saw this Target commercial today, and it reminded me of my boyfriend when he was a child.  Maybe he was a secret child actor for target commercials and they are just releasing the juicy footage now...
The boyf....
The video...

See a resemblance? 
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