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Brita kids water bottles: Tornado guest post.

Posted Oct 01 2012 4:00am

This is a sponsored post.  Im donating all compensation to MAYAN FAMILIES toward implementing water filtration in the highlands of Guatemala.


It comes as no news to my regular readers that we’re obsessed with water these days.

We make it fun ( Hello, Big Carl !!), but living in Texas and being as active as we are HYDRATION is a huge focus around here.

And, on top of all that, because Im one of ‘those moms’ (wink) I would be more likely to prance nekid down our boulevard than ever serve or order the Tornado SODA.

Quite frankly it’s for that reason I said yes to this sponsored post when Ive had a tendency recently to politely decline.

When Brita shared with me they were teaming up with non-profit Alliance for a Healthier Generation to encourage kids to swap out sugary beverages and drink more water I was in.

When I learned as part of their partnership with the Alliance, Brita will donate more than 4,000 Brita Bottles for Kids to schools across the country I was in.

I am grateful to possess all the healthy living knowledge I do.

Im cognizant of the fact Im in the minority (only 15 percent of school-age children drink the recommended amount of water but on average consume 6 sodas per week!)  and Im IN to help a company who wants to encourage healthy habits in kids.

But enough of my serious we need to STOP the kids-drinking-SODA, People!! rant.

Let’s get to the review and, given she’s been a child of a blogger her entire life, I’d say she nailed it.

The box arrived & the Tornado eagerly thrust it in my hands. 

She didnt know it was for her, but she does know with UPS comes many weird items lots of fun & filming.

I opened.  I presented her with the BRITA FOR KIDS water bottle.  She. Was. Excited.

I was a little surprised, but not very.  It amazes me no matter how many water bottles that child has she is ALWAYS excited by the new one.



Being SIX the first thing she noted was *not* the fabulous built-in filter, the fact it is dishwasher safe or BPA-free—she LOVED the color.

Yay, PINK!

I explained there was a filter inside which would remove all water impurities—but what she heard was AWESOME.  THERE’S SOMETHING COOL INSIDE & immediately opened it up.

Again, photo her idea.

When I told her we’d need to ‘force water through the filter before using the bottle she’d filled her Brita Kids up quickfastandinahurry & commenced squeeeeeezing.

She loved this part.

Then the drinking began.

  • She carried the bottle to school.
  • She brought the bottle to soccer.
  • Gymnastics time? BRITA KIDS was right there with her.

Dinner time at Casa MizFit? Since the arrival of the water bottle it’s been all SKULLS and BUTTERFLIES around here.

aargh! shiver me BRITA!


First thing in the morning? Before food or frolicking? She snagged that water bottle:

good gosh it’s early.

I’d initially wondered if the bottle would be too small (it’s still in the 90s in Texas.  we be hydrating!), but I was quickly reminded how six year olds love to have an excuse to fill and refill their bottles. The BRITA KIDS size was perfect.

She loved the bottle.  She thought the filter inside was really ‘cool’ (as evidenced by her showing it around the bus stop).  She definitely drank more water the past week because of it. And, in her inimitable Tornado way, she ‘made it her own’ judging by how I discovered the water bottle this morning:

Yes. I got teary.

Bottom line:

The Tornado loved the bottle.  She drank more water because of it.  I love BRITA .  I know more kids are swapping soda for water because of them.  Two thumbs up.


I have three water bottles to give away (to three winners) and you can be entered to win for the low, low cost of a comment below:

  • The Tornado loves her water bottles.  What do you do to encourage your kids to make healthy choices at home and on the go?




USA ONLY. Winners announced 10.8.12

FTC: The Brita Kids water bottle was free, but the opinions above are all mine & my daughter’s.  Brita also provided the three water bottles for giveaway.


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