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Bring Sexy Back! Come check out my Hip Hop class - get fit, feel great and put the FUNK back

Posted by Heather R.

Have you ever see a Hip Hop performance and thought how much fun it would be to give it a try? Have you even happened upon a hip hop station on the radio and caught your hand tapping on the steering wheel? Hip Hop dance is not only a TON OF FUN but also a GREAT workout! Come experience an hour of invigorating moves, use muscles you didn't know you had and see what having a hip hop attitude is all about! I know, I know... you don't know how or you think, "but I'm not a good dancer." That's what everyone says in the beginning! I challenge you to give it three tries. I teach the same routine for 4 weeks at atme - adding a little more each week. By the fourth week, you are ready to audition for a Justin Timberlake video...ok, maybe not quite but you will have new found confidence in your dancing and a couple of great new moves to bust out when the mood strikes you....and it will! Come check out my class! 7:30pm Mondays Equinox Palo Alto 435 Acacia Avenue (near Fry's Electronics - El Camino and Page Mill) If you are interested, shoot me an e-mail ( and I'll put you on the guest list for your first class! Dance is life! Heather ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hip Hop is a broad style of street dance that is danced to hip hop, R&B and pop music. It is often a reflection of current pop culture and includes break dancing, funk, krumping, club dancing, and jazz. The movements are fast paced and emphasize personal freedom of style and expression. Hip hop dancing can often be seen on MTV.
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Hey Heather! Sounds awesome. I'm currently living in SF, but if I find myself free and in Palo Alto on a Monday night, then I'm definitely coming to your class! DB
Dave, that would be great! Anytime! Just shoot me a note in advance so I can put you on the guest list! How are you doing? Psyched you can come on the 17th! All the best, HR
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