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Breathing Right While You Exercise

Posted by Nirmala N.

So you have the exercise routine down pat, but are you breathing right? Making sure that you're inhaling and exhaling properly can be just as crucial as breaking a sweat; not to mention, easier on your entire system. Here are some tips on how to regulate breathing during your workout: 1) Cough to get rid of excess mucus in your lungs 2) Take several deep breaths before you start, and make sure you keep breathing deeply, into your diaphragm and belly, during your workout. 3) Breathe out for twice as long as you breathe in. 4) Rest or slow your pace for a few minutes if you find yourself out of breath. 5) Avoid drinking water during your exercise; only do so before and after.
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You make an excellent point. I learned the importance of the correct breathing technique when I started Pilates and yoga. If you don't get your breathing right there is no way you will benefit as much from the exercise. It only makes sense that the same would be true for all physical activities.
have to wonder if it's alright to drink water only before and after a workout? How do you stay hydrated? Sure, I chew gum during my 90 (or so) minute kickboxing class but I also have to drink usually one full bottle of water to stay hydrated. I'm careful to space out my water breaks because a) there's not a lot of time for them b) it's hard to drink water with thai boxing gloves on c) I don't want to cramp up. That said, I agree about the importance of breathing properly. Though I was accustomed to breathing through my diaphragm (much less shallow breaths to be had that way!) because of years in choirs (singing), I value the lessons I've learned in yoga about how useful breathing can be when maneuvering into a pose. I use my ability to breathe deeply in kickboxing as well, as the conditioning exercises are fairly intense.
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