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Breakfast Most Important Meal

Posted Dec 03 2009 6:52am
healthy breakfastWhy is eating breakfast so important to your health and staying on track with your weight loss and goals?

In a survey of 100 adults they asked them this simple question:
Do you eat breakfast in the morning?

The response was astonishing; over 65% said “no” they do not eat breakfast.  When asked why, these were the variety of reasons:
* Too busy to take the time
* Just don’t feel hungry in the morning
* Would rather sleep longer and eat later….
And so on.

Now most of us have always heard “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”
This being the case why do we skip it so often?  The reason is lack of facts!

So let’s get into the meat of the importance of eating breakfast and what is does for your health and weight loss.

1. Studies show that children who eat breakfast are more alert and focused when in school. (that being said we to need the same thing regardless of age)
2. Eating a good breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day.
3. Eating breakfast reduces your hunger later in the day, making it easier to avoid overeating.
4. Eating breakfast gives you energy, increasing your physical activity during the day.
5. Eating a good breakfast will help your mood during the day also.

Many people who are trying to lose weight or even maintain weight seem to think that going without break fast will help them lose weight.
The exact opposite is true!

If you skip breakfast, you feel ravenous later and are tempted to reach for a quick fix, such as candy from the vending machine. In addition, prolonged fasting — which occurs when you skip breakfast — will increase your body’s insulin response, which in turn increases fat storage and weight gain. In fact, skipping breakfast actually increases your risk of obesity.

People who eat breakfast regularly tend to eat a healthier diet daily, one that is more nutritious and lower in fat.

A healthy breakfast refuels your body and replenishes the glycogen stores that supply blood sugar (glucose). Skipping breakfast is associated with decreased physical activity.

You body is just like your vehicle in the sense that it must be refueled to run correctly, if you gas level is low your vehicle actually uses more gas and puts more work on the engine and in the long run will wear out your vehicle very quickly.
So it stands to reason that eating breakfast helps you all the way around.  You are mental alert, you do not become ravenous and eat your way through the day, you stay physically ready to go and because of this you will actually lose weight.

Most important eating breakfast keeps you on track with your weight loss plan as you body will not feel as if it is lacking.
If you body feels like it is lacking food it will store up fat so as to not go hungry, so if you don’t eat your body will store up fat cells!

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