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Break Thru Your Weight Loss/Fat Loss Plateau, 3

Posted Dec 10 2008 9:01pm
Do something really different this week for exercise....break "out of the box" and go for's what I mean:

A few months ago, I was working out at a club, minding my own business. I looked across the room and saw something incredible: a woman was doing things with a speed jump rope (guys get your minds out of the gutter!) that was so impressive that I stopped my workout and walked over to watch her. What was she doing? Jumping rope with 1 foot, 2 feet, slalom, moonwalking, shuffles, back pedals---ALL FULL SPEED WITH PRECISION!! That was basically her workout along with some core work! I asked her alot of questions about her workouts and jump roping skills....she also did strength training on other days.

What's the point Mark? I used that example because there are many different ways to workout and accomplish your goals. By the way, this woman was very fit and toned. If your progress has stalled, try something different to break out of it. If nothing else, it might get rid of the boredom that can come with doing the same exercise routine. Here are some pointers:

1. Play rec league ball 1-2 times a week. Futbol (soccer) is one of the best exercises out there because you sprint and jog the whole time (if you play it right). Basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, tennis and racquetball are other great activities. Just some ideas to get you thinking. Your beer-league softball games don't count!!

2. Like the woman I mentioned above, jump rope for 20 minutes. Jump rope is a very underrated burns calories like crazy, tones your body and is great for coordination and balance.

3. Biking and running on trails are huge here. A good change up for gym dwellers.

4. Ditto for hiking....alot of beautiful hill country to hike here.

5. For those daring ones---skateboarding, ice skating/roller skating or rip boarding!

Get "out of the box" and try something different to break out of your weight loss and fat loss slump!

Train hard, smarter and do something really different to break out of your slump!

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