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Bread Showdown: Wheat Vs. Rye

Posted Feb 22 2010 2:00am

Like most women, you’re probably doing your best to stay informed about the healthiest foods to eat . If you’ve ever wondered if eating wheat bread is truly beneficial, you might be surprised to find out that it might not be as healthy as you thought. As children, our parents usually encouraged us to eat wheat bread instead of white bread, but it’s a little known fact that white rye flour is actually a healthier alternative to whole wheat flour.

A study conducted at the Lund University Faculty of Engineering stated that eating the white interior portion of the of the rye kernel actually resulted in healthier insulin and blood sugar levels than wheat bread or rye bran. Spikes in insulin levels are not only harmful to those who suffer from diabetes , but those spikes can lead to more serious problems down the road. These elevated levels of insulin, over an extended period of time, can make it more difficult for your body to respond to insulin, resulting in insulin resistance. 

“Insulin resistance can result in high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and bad blood fats, which in turn increase the risk of age-related diabetes and cardiovascular diseases,” says Liza Rosén, a doctoral candidate in Applied Nutrition and Food Chemistry Lund University and leader of the study.

Rosén suggests that the best types of breads to eat are the ones where the entire grain is included. The participants of Rosén’s study were fed boiled rye kernels, rye porridge and wholegrain rye bread. Not only are these types of true whole grains filled with vitamins and antioxidants , but the fiber that they contain helps you feel more satisfied.

Although the exact chemistry behind all of the benefits of white rye bread has yet to be discovered, Rosén is confident that they are “getting closer and closer to an answer.”

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