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Bouncing back from an injury (guest post).

Posted Apr 15 2010 1:00am


Bouncing Back from an Injury

I am a runner.

Well, I was a runner until an injury put a complete halt on my running endeavors…

I ran the Disney World Marathon January 10 and a week later had some pain in my knee. I ignored it and kept running. Over my next few runs it got worse. This teaches us our first lesson of the day NEVER run through knee pain.

After a few more painful runs I finally bit the bullet and went to the doctor. She diagnosed me with IT Band Syndrome.

And then I heard the words no runner ever wants to hear…

“You’re never going to qualify for Boston” No, not that (even though that might be worse).

My Physical Therapist told me, “No running for eight weeks.”  Noooooooo! (Imagine me screaming this in a dramatic slow motion sequence.)

I somehow managed to contain my composure and not start crying or breaking things. But, I did have a slight panic attack on the way home. And that’s when I decided to make the best of this time off and explore new avenues of exercise (that were PT approved).

Suddenly a whole new world of opportunity opened for me and Spinning, Kickboxing and Yoga were all new potential suitors. I tried them all and had a good time, but always knew my true love is running.

So, I was ecstatic when my Physical Therapist cleared me to begin running again just 5 weeks later! I credit this early return to my diligent practice of the “homework” she gave me (hip exercises) and respecting that I could not run.

How I bounced back from an injury:

1.    When my doctor told me not to do something I didn’t do it! (Seems obvious, but I know athletes are a stubborn group)
2.    RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation : I made an effort to be kinder to myself and spend some time nursing my wounds
3.    Respect my limits and listen to my body: Once I was cleared to return to running I had to start off slow.  I can’t run as far or as fast as I did in January, but pushing myself too early might irritate the injury again.
4.    STOP if it hurts.  Seriously, stop at the first sign of “injury pain”.
I don’t wish any type of injury on anyone, but if you are ever “benched” from your favorite activity I hope you take it easy on your body and bounce back soon

You can read more of Monica’s musings at her blog RunEatRepeat .

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