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Bottled water- just wasteful!

Posted by Dmitriy P.

The bottled water industry uses too much plastic and weakens consumer confidence in the safety and cleanliness of public water supplies. As a response, Mayor Gavin Newsom banned city-funded purchases of bottled water and in New York— an ad campaign called "Get Your Fill" was launched to promote the benefits of tap water. My post on this whole story is here:

I have just started a group called “Thirsty for Water”, which is dedicated to discussing the importance of water and the waste that water suppliers cause— join the discussion and share some of your thoughts.

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Maybe I am just cheap, but I never have gotten the whole bottled water thing. Now that you point it out, it is wasteful, not only financially, but the plastic waste is staggering when you think about it. I'm a tap girl. Sometimes filtered if I'm feeling refined.

You are absolutely right, Dmitriy. A great way to kick the bottled water habit is to purchase a reusable bottle. I ordered several to give as gifts this past holiday season. Check out some of the attractive bottles on this website:

I keep some large plastic bottles of water on hand as emergency supplies but no longer use them for everyday drinking. Most of the bottled water suppliers use tap water!

On the other hand, I changed to bottled water. I hated openning my refillable bottle and smelling the mold of old water that had sit too long. Unless the bottle is regularly put through the dishwasher, the germs grow. I recycle the light weight plastic bottles. I hate the taste of our tap water.
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