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Boot Camp Workouts?

Posted by Michael P.

Has anyone ever done a "Boot Camp" class? How did you like it and what types of things does it focus on?
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Boot Camp for Everyone. "Boot Camp" is no longer just for the ultra-fit elitists. Boot Camp Type fitness programs are tailored for all types all over the country. The only thing they have to have in common is that they have to push you to your personal limits, or they are not having the true Boot Camp effect. Most Boot Camps meet early morning (just like in the military). Some are at a fitness club, others meet outside in parks or similar spots. Most concentrate on the body as a whole rather than adding a lot of equipment. In other words, a lot of running, jumping, push-ups, and natural resistance. Some will set up an obstacle course like you would see at a military base. The bottom line is: find one in your area and ask questions, especially if you are not already in top form or if you have health concerns. And always make sure the instructor is certified by an accredited association like ACE, AFAA, or NCSM.

I attended some boot camp workouts from my cousin who was an Instructor in the Marine Corp and is a fitness expert. It can be done anytime not just in the morning. It was tough and it works. Its highly motivating because there are others who are encouraging you and the team factor kicks in and you want to perform your best and not let your team down. We focused on outdoor workout using kettlebells and body weight. The workouts work depending on ones ability to push themselves and stay committed to it and their diet.

Im hosting one for free on Stanford campus during lunch time if anyone wants to join. The focus is still mostly body weight exercises such as push ups, pull ups, crunches, box-jumps and getting shredded by doing lots of cardio on the track and field. Most of all its fun to work out with others.

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