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Boomers Get Their Own Personal Training

Posted by Lela D.

SeniorFit Personal Training is a new concept in New York City. SeniorFit is dedicated to helping people 50 to 80 rejuvenate their bodies through exercise and a diet. What better way to prevent the aches and pains of old age? We all know working out gives you more energy. This program is targeted directly at seniors who may not have exercised too much in the past. They also focus on ways to avoid injury. A service dedicated to seniors also means that they can also improve effectiveness for people who do work out, but may not be getting the most out of it. SeniorFit seems like a great concept and I'm sure we'll be seeing more gyms cater to seniors very soon!

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I used to belong to a gym where Monday through Friday from about 9 - Noon the place was packed with seniors. Not all of them worked out but it was more like a social gathering. Drinking coffee, reading the paper. Don't get me wrong. Quite a few worked out. But it was packed and these folks enjoyed their time well spent. Yes, it was good to see them working out and staying fit. The location was perfect. The area had a lot of retirees.
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