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Bodybuilding.....the next fronti...

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:33pm

Bodybuilding.....the next frontier

Why did you start training? Your answer is either going to be something like "to look better" or "become more attractive". I haven't met a person yet who wouldn't answer the same way, even some of the national ranked athletes I've worked with will tell you the same thing. Go on any top internet website,however, and look for information on how to look better naked and you'll more then likely find an article that deals with one of these topics.

"How to build X muscle by only training X muscle like the top pro's do".

My response:Great but does it tell you how to juice like those same pro's ?

"Bodybuilding is all about drugs, you should train to be functional".

My response: Right, that's why you look like a 12 year old girl (no offense if you are actually a 12 year old girl).

"The best way to build muscle and get lean is through fully body workouts for 99% of the people".

My response: Yes, I'll agree with that somewhat since the majority of people have trained one or two body parts a day exclusively for the past 5 years with zero usage of progression methods. The hold up here is for those people who look good and want to look better or the really dedicated people who bust ass. Shouldn't they have different options.

"Muscles don't grow in isolation so we shouldn't train them that way."

My response: I'll buy it but why limit a progression method(volume)? I for one can't recover as well from back to back full body sessions as I can back to back upper/lower splits. What about the dedicated gym rat who really wants wide shoulders or the females who really wants nice hamstrings and glutes and is already training with upper/lower splits or full body? Why should we limit them by telling them that they can't have one day where they directly train the areas that they want?

"Bodybuilders don't know what their doing".

My response: Correct they don't, I was talking to a pretty big guy today who knew more about how to inject insulin then about how to train. By that same breath, most people have no clue how to train.

The issue here is that we have so much confusion about physique methods that we're left following some good strength and conditioning advice that doesn't apply directly to those people who only want to look good. Stay tuned....

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