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Body Weight Cardio Works…

Posted Apr 02 2010 11:38am

jumping jacks So I said I would post what I am doing for this little challenge I have going on.

So far meals have been cleaned up about 80%. I know I can do better and I MUST do better if I want to achieve my goal!

My biggest thing is having my meals prepared ahead of time. With my busy schedule, I need to be able to just grab food out of the fridge and warm it up to eat. So that is my biggest goal and plan for this next week.

My workouts went great! Did workout with the Fit Chicks on Wednesday and Thursday morning and Thursday night. The thursday night class has been asking me to workout with them for a while, so I did and gave them a intense workout!

30/30 NO BREAKS! I combined cardio with strength and it looked like this:

1. Squat press (bands)

2. Frog Jumps

3. Scap Push ups

4. Cross over toe touch (abs)

5. Swings

6. Pillar Jacks

7. Belly Blaster

8. Hopscotch

9. Sumo Deadlift (bands)

10. Step ups

We ran through the entire thing and ended with 30 seconds of side shuffle! GREAT workout!

My workout this morning was just body weight cardio .


Jumping Jacks

Speed Skate


-Side shuffle right (30)

-Side Shuffle left (30)

Jump Rope



-Side Shuffle front (30)

-Side Shuffle back (30)

I did 4 rounds. My legs were dying, probably due to the 2 workouts the day before. (Squat jumps and frog jumps!)

I can honestly say that body weight cardio works much better than running on a treadmill or any other type of equipment. At least for myself. I feel I work harder and sweat more. Plus its easier on my knees.

So if you are using the excuse that you don’t have equipment to get in a good workout, you are are just lying to yourself! Even the Fit Chick workout we did Thursday night only required bands, and one DB the rest was all body weight!

Try it out for yourself and see which you like best!

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