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Body Image

Posted May 22 2010 6:34am

Why is this such an issue for so many of us? How many times a day, a week, or a month, do you find yourself making “wishes” about your own appearance? I wish my hair was straight, I wish my hair was curly, I wish I was taller, I wish I was shorter, I wish I had bigger boobs, I wish I had smaller boobs, I wish I was tanner, I wish I was blonde, I wish I looked her, I wish my nose/arms/whatever looked different, I wish I had better abs. As females, we make a lot of wishes about how we want ourselves to look or how we wish we could look.

I am 5′10 and have spent a great deal of my life wishing I was shorter. Well all of the change in all of the wells in the world is not going to make that happen. Nor will any diet, fitness regimen, or book. At 25 I am finally happy with my height. Although I never used it to my advance by playing sports like basketball or volleyball, I love being able to stand tall in a crowd, reach the top shelf on my own, and rock 4 inch heels putting me over 6ft tall. So why did it take me 25 years to appreciate this?

I am also a natural red head which I spent years hating. Recently, I finally started getting blonde highlights and now I am almost completely blonde. And what happened? I am still the same person I was before. Worst of all – I actually MISS being a redhead. Maybe I will never look like Kate Hudson or Jennifer Aniston, but you know what? Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, and Isla Fischer are all beautiful redheads.

I opened a magazine today to a picture of a tall, thin, toned, tan girl. I turned to my boyfriend and said “see!! THIS is what I want to look like.” He laughed at me as usual, and finally said “You do look like that. You’re just not as tan”. That was the best answer in the world. I CAN make myself tanner (and would ONLY do it the safe way, via self tanner). So why did I look at that picture with such a jealous pang?

We have convinced ourselves that our imperfections have enabled us from looking or feeling like we want to, when really, we do look fabulous – we just need to stop comparing ourselves to other people.

I want you all to look in the mirror today and ask yourselves these questions 1. What do you dislike?
2. Why do you dislike it? (And really think about whether this is because of a comparison to someone else)
3. CAN you change it? And if so, how.
4. What will changing it do to who you are as a person?

What are your thoughts? What are things about yourself you would like to change? Any big body image moments happen to you lately?

Happy Saturday! I love you all & you are all beautiful! xoxo

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