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Body Fat Testing... How To Do It Yourself..

Posted Dec 23 2008 10:52am

1.- Skin folds should be taken horizontally from all 4 locations shown in Figure A and Figure B.

2.- These show in cross section how the fold of skin and fat is measured.


3.- First pinch the fold of skin with the fingers of one hand as shown in figure C.

4.- Then apply the jaws of the caliper just next to the fingers as shown in figure D and squeeze the calipers using the "press" arm until the 2 arrows line up. Do not read the caliper immediately but allow the jaws to settle into the fold for 2-3 seconds.

5.- Then read the number on the scale. This is the skin fold thickness in millimeters.

6.- Enter each of the 4 readings into the appropiate input fields. Enter your total weight, your age group, your gender, then click on the Calculate button

Calculation (all fields required)

1X Tricep (mm)From 1 to 70Required
2X Subscapula (mm)RequiredFrom 1 to 70
3X Bicep (mm)From 1 to 70Required
4X Supra Illiac Crest (mm)From 1 to 70Required
Weight (Lb)RequiredFrom 100 to 500
16 - 2930 - 39
40 - 4950 +
Age Required
Gender Required
Body Fat %Total Weight FatLean Body Mass

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1X The triceps location is halfway between the shoulder and elbow joints. The fold is taken in a vertical direction directly on the center of the back of the upper arm.3X Biceps testing site is on the center of the front of the upper arm.
2X Subscapular.
This is located just below the shoulder blade, taken
at a 45º angle
4X Supra Illiac Crest is located on the side of the waist.

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